Marine nabbed at airport

SANTIAGO. – Dominican Navy lieutenant Mayobanex Rodriguez Montero, suspected to be the shooter in the case of the Paya, Bani killings, was arrested by narcotic agents while trying to board a plane leaving Puerto Plata destined for Grand Turk Island.

Rodriguez is alleged to the person who shot dead the seven Colombians in the southwestern community of Paya, Baní on August 4, in what authorities call a rip off among drug traffickers’.

Montero’s capture took place close to noon, and was handed over to Police to be escorted to Santo Domingo

More than 10 Navy officers and the same number of civilians are involved In the Paya case, and being held in various prisos.

The foreigners assassinated in Paya had 2,000 kilos of cocaine and a substantial amount of cash, the whereabouts of which are unknown.


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