Cesar José: More marketing money for POP

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  1. tamara Viera Antonetti says:

    besides the resorts,their security and everything about” the tourist” is also necesary to repair, use ,and good advertisement for the old and delapetaded” El Castillo deLa Isabella” National Park. For the Tourist and the area of Puerto Plata. To get there ,there is a very road.

    The Hotels do send their tours thru it to catch a boat, but do not cooperate on the maintanance of the place or pay at the entrance gate ,I don’t know the deals or benefits they have,but is not getting to the place .so please do check into this place.

  2. John Magner says:

    How about fixing the dangerous or more like life threatening rode to Cupey. It’s a total disgrace to the people that live there.