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Hurricane season to be less intense say experts

But this is no reason to relax vigil, they say. Also… hurricane preparedness tips from the Canadian Embassy.

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Samana seeks “most beautiful bay” status for two locations

Samana Bay and Rincon Bay are the contenders

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DR scores as eighth nation in the hemisphere with least crime victims

The number of Dominicans who reported being the victim of a crime rose from 6.8% to 16.2% from 2004 to 2006, then fell to 14.8% in 2008.

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Tourism ministry launches know-your-own-country campaign

Dominicans will be encouraged to get to know their own country via a Tourism Ministry project “Tourism for All”

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Next election term to be six years

The Dominican Republic is on its way back to having elections every four years, finally!

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Bravissimo! Nightclub Show

Enjoy an unforgettable evening out… starting with dinner at Ocean World’s Poseidon Restaurant, front row seats at Bravissimo, and some fun at the Ocean World Casino Lighthouse Disco

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Drunken German diverts inbound flight

Munich man fined 100 Euros while pilot had to dump eight tonnes of fuel to land

$75M advertising barter deal proposed to hotels

Program allows hotels to trade unsold rooms for advertising in the markets of their interest

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Government lifts tax to kick-start construction

According to Superintendent of Banks Rafael Camilo, there is a housing deficit of 975,000 units, and the government is taking new steps to help fill the need.

Judge defends right to call your kid ‘Dear Pineapple’ if you want

A judicial panel says Dominicans are free to name their kids “Dummy,” “Dear Pineapple” or anything else for that matter.

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Amnesty International rails against anti-abortion law

Constitutional and legal reforms now underway in the Dominican Republic could lead to violations of women’s human rights, Amnesty International warned today.

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John F ousted for Juan B in street name change

Puerto Plata city council has voted to change the name of a main downtown street, John F. Kennedy Ave., to Profesor Juan Bosch.

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Yale says DR is world’s 33rd greenest country

The university evaluated carbon and sulphur emissions, water purity and conservation practices.

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North coast drug scandals pit Dominican Police, Justice Ministry

The Justice Ministry yesterday accused Police agents of being accomplices of drug trafficking in Puerto Plata, forming “a serious stumbling block” to the prosecutors’