Sosua Bay Casino to host webcam gambling

The Caribbean Casino and Gaming Corporation was in the business news
for the second time this week, having earlier announced that live
betting cameras and software will be installed over table games,
including Texas Hold ‘Em, at its Sosua Bay Grand Casino in the
Dominican Republic within the next two weeks for Internet live betting

In its latest announcement, CCGC advises that it has entered into a six
month online test simulcast broadcast agreement with Kenilworth Systems
Corporation to support its recently signed agreement with Trade
Broadcasting Corp to offer Texas Hold Em Tournaments throughout the
Caribbean Islands.

CCGC plans to relocate its smaller Grand Casino to an adjoining 250
room hotel that will include a disco, four (4) restaurants, three (3)
pools and a vastly expanded casino to accommodate Caribbean Stud Poker
and Texas Hold Em tournaments. Kenilworth will complete the test before
the Grand Casino is relocated.

Kenilworth owns patents filed in the U.S. and other countries for systems and methods for
playing casino table-type games such as roulette, dice and baccarat in
an interactive manner at sites remote from the actual casino table at
which cameras follow the live game that is being played in strictly
regulated casinos. This allows players to wager as if they are in the
actual casino playing at tables rather than virtual or number generated
casino games from studios.

The patented technology includes the use of lottery-type terminals that
accept cash deposits while managing the wagering by using lottery data
systems that can easily identify problematic gamblers and limit or shut
down their compulsive gambling habits and also prevents underage
participation when state operated lotteries become involved.

Herbert Lindo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Kenilworth,
explained: “Simulcasts of remote casino table games to homes, cell
phones, public gathering places such as cafes, hotels, resorts, horse
race tracks and selected restaurants and bars is the direction of the

“Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland and France have either passed or
are preparing legislation permitting only remote live games from their
own casinos with the same tax benefits, halting virtual wagering and
number generated games along with studio games. The reason we are
developing the software and the required equipment is to market the
live game broadcast technology together with licensing our patents.”

As part of the test agreement, among other considerations, Kenilworth
will pay one half of one percent for a period of ten years, from the
net, net win earnings from an estimated annual $500 billion worldwide
market in the not too distant future (up to an estimated $2.5 billion
annually). Kenilworth’s software and technical personnel will assist
Caribbean to complete the Texas Hold Em tournament broadcast system.

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