DR is world’s “second happiest “country

The Dominican Republic is the second happiest place on earth, according to the New Economics Foundation, an independent research group in Britain. (Costa Rica topped the list; nine of the ten highest-scoring nations are Latin American.)

The organization’s second annual Happy Planet Index 2.0: Why Good Lives Don’t Have to Cost the Earth, was published in July, 2009. The new Index is based on data for 143 countries around the world, representing 99 per cent of the world’s population.

The aim of the New Economics Foundation is to “create a new economy that serves people and the planet. We want to begin to redefine “wealth” and “progress”; to judge our systems and economies on how much they create the world we actually want, rather than how much money they generate.”

In addition to the “most content” factor, the foundation also considers the ecological footprint and life expectancy of countries. Britain ranked 74th, while the United States is 114 on the Happy Index, due consumption patterns and a huge ecological footprint. The report noted that the United States was greener and happier 20 years ago than it is today. Most developed nations lagged in the study.

While Britain ranked 74th, the United States snagged the 114th spot, because of its hefty consumption and massive ecological footprint.

The United States was greener and happier 20 years ago than it is today, the report said.

Other populous nations, such as China and India, had a lower index brought on by their vigorous pursuit of growth-based models, the survey suggested.

“As the world faces the triple crunch of deep financial crisis, accelerating climate change and the looming peak in oil production, we desperately need a new compass to guide us,” said Nic Marks, founder of the foundation’s center for well-being.

Marks urged nations to make a collective global change before “our high-consuming lifestyles plunge us into the chaos of irreversible climate change.”

The report, which was first conducted in 2006, covers 99 percent of the world population, the statement said.

For more information visit the New Economics Foundation web site

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  1. Fred Azbell says:

    If the DR is the second happiest country, can North Korea be far down the list? :(

  2. WOLFGANG says:

    yes there are happy robbing gringos
    if every GRINOG left the island there be happy no work no water no electrik and son and nog gringos to rob

  3. Hector says:

    How do they measured that? Who did they ask ? Because if you ask people that has not running water, electricty, no job, and no help from the goverment, the finding would be a lot different. If DR is 2nd happiest, Why are so many people risking their lives across the Mona Canal to rich PR ? give me a break.

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