New arrival at Ocean World, a baby sea lion

PUERTO PLATA—Ocean World Adventure Park executives announced the birth of a baby sea lion, born July 24 during the day, after a labor of about an hour. Parents are named Chacha and Jefe , both 9 years old and originally from Uruguay. The pup is a male who, at birth, weighed 25 pounds. The delivery occurred in breech position (fins first), contrary to the usual head first

This is the second event of its kind to be recorded at the site, as in 2006 a bottlenose dolphin “Lili.” was born under human care at the park.

Chacha, the pup’s mother, nursed him after 8 hours of birth. He swam for the first time at 11 days old and is already a confident swimmer. “Like all babies, is very playful and loves to play with pieces of ice, hoses and other toys made by the coaches,” said Diego Tripaldi, General Director of the company.

“We are very happy to share this important news to the media, society and all Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, since the birth of this new baby sea lion symbolizes our commitment to preserving the environment, diversity of life, care and respect for all animal species that inhabit Ocean World,” said

Chacha's baby sea lion was born July 24th at Ocean World


This species of sea lions, whose scientific name is “Otaria flavescens”, also known as “Otaria byronia” are born after 11 months of gestation. This species is not endangered. The breast milk of these mammals has a high fat content, which is why the young gain weight rapidly. Adult females average 6 feet long with a weight of 330 pounds, while adult males average 8 feet long with a weight of 650 pounds.

The training of the new baby will start from the time when he can eat solid food (fish). Among the initial behaviors he will learn will be relaxation techniques to allow the veterinarians to perform routine checks, which ensure a long and healthy life.

From the first moment that the team of experts at the park were aware of the state of gestation of the sea lion Chacha, all necessary care was taken to ensure the well being of both mother and the baby.

Details of this event were announced during a cocktail held in the park’s facilities along with representatives of the media, authorities and society personalities of Puerto Plata. The event was led by Diego Tripaldi, general director of the park, along with marketing and sales executives and staff responsible for the care of the pup.

The executives stressed the satisfaction that Ocean World has to have successfully nurtured the second birth of an exotic animal in their facilities. As evidence that these species under human care can live long, healthy and safe lives.

Since last summer the park has developing an educational campaign aimed at children to create awareness about important issues such as the care and protection of animals and the preservation of our planet’s natural resources.

Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina & Casino, is one of the most important and complete entertainment centers in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean region. Located on Cofresi Beach in Puerto Plata this unique park stands along with a majestic building which houses it’s restaurants, casino, bar, theater with live shows, disco and an elegant marina.

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  1. Craig D. says:

    so cuuuuuuute! i’ve been at Ocean World and it’s true that all animals are well taken care of and you can see that the trainers do a great job educating visitors on the diversity of life and the characteristics of each species that inhabit the park. now i will have to go back just to meet this new baby! lol
    congratulations Ocean World!

  2. Andreina says:

    This is the second event of this site, as in 2006 a bottlenose dolphn “Lili” was born under human care at the park.

  3. Paul says:

    Is it the first baby animal born in Ocean World?

  4. Paula says:

    Great news! This really shows how Ocean World takes care of their animals! I will try and visit Ocean World soon to meet the pup!
    Who wants to do a “POP Report group” and go all together to the park? Count me in!

  5. Amanda says:

    So……. Cute!!!

  6. Andrew says:

    Ooh great news, congratulations Ocean World :)

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