Japan helps relaunch Puerto Plata region’s tourism


Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.- Dominican Government and Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) representatives began to implement a sustainable tourism program in Puerto Plata, with the participation of the public and private sectors, to relaunch the country’s North coast as a tourism destination.

This 4 year program, to be set in motion with a US$3 million contribution by Japan’s Government, aims to benefit the zone’s communities through the development of tourist product and services using local resources, said the Economy Ministry in a statement.

“To combine efforts to motor Puerto Plata’s tourism development and confront the reduction of tourists since the mid 90s is the main joint goal which we must all undertake,” said JICA official Tadashi Ikeshiro.

The sustainable tourism project seeks to have positive impact on that province, benefiting the more than 312,700 residents in the municipalities Altamira, Guananico, Imbert, Los Nobles, Luperón, Sosúa, Villa Isabela and Montellano.

The project looks to provide more opportunities for the zone’s local population to participate in tourism development, in collaboration with the industry.  “This would improve the population’s quality of life and thusly the tourism sector’s sustainable and appropriate development.”

From Dominican Today

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  1. Chris says:


    I totally agree with you. We have been going to POP for 20 years and it’s the same out of Rochester, NY. We are going back next month and booked out of Buffalo (over an hr drive) to get just one connection and now they have changed it to 2 connections on the return.

  2. Kathleen says:

    We have gone to POP, DR for fifteen years. We are again going February, 2013. Many have gone with us on several occasions as we love this country and have met wonderful people, life-long friends there. There is a problem that has occurred in the last several years as far as flights to POP from Minneapolis (MPLS), MN where we start our journey. We have flown directly from MPLS to POP, flown from Minneapolis to Atlanta, GA to POP and now MPLS to Miami to POP. Several of these flights only offer a vacation of spending a night on the way to POP or home from POP in a hotel. Whey can’t these flights be a 1 stop flight like it use to be? We are booked for a 1 stop flight in Feb but once you book it it seems to change after you have made your plans and paid your money for the trip. We travel 3 hours to get to MPLS and then again 3 hours to get home after we arrive in MPLS. Anything to keep this a 1 stop flight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. We are excited to see the Japanese influence in our beloved Dominican!!!!

  3. Argelio Sanchez says:

    Dinero no es lo unico que hace falta para levantar la economia de Puerto Plata, hay factores que hay que cambiar si se espera que alla un cambio. Las politicas absurdas y atrasadas de los resorts en cuanto se refiere a que un turista pueda entrar con una persona local son ridiculas. Los hoteles que dicen ser “todo inclusivo” y cobran como tal pero al mismo tiempo ponen restricciones como teniendo que apuntarse a cierta hora para que uno pueda aprovechar de los restaurantes que ya uno pago y si no lo hace te quedaste sin comer en ese restaurante que querias. Los cuartos con muchas faltas de mantenimiento. duchas taponeadas por calcificacion de los agujeros, Refregidadores que no enfrian. Toma corrientes que no funcionan. Hay que pagar estacionamiento en la Plaza de Playa Dorada si te pasas de cierto tiempo. Asi que vas a comprar y a comer a un restaurante y tienes que pagar por estacionar tu vehiculo. Y haci piensan atraer turismo? Falta de actividades afuera del resort. Vendedores ambulantes que no te dejan disfrutar de la playa y no te dan paz ni privacidad. Son pocos los negocios locales que ponen los precios de sus productos, cobran mas caro a los turistas que a los locales. Las condiciones de las calles, la falta de luz. Le quitaron la vida y el sabor Dominicano al malecon con eliminar los carritos de comida para poner las casetas con sus restricciones al tener que vender las cervesas caras. La ley estupida de cerrar las discotecas a las doce de la noche. los turistas nos acostamos a las doce? Solamente salimos a bailar los fines de semana? Idiotas.

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